Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Garage Door Closure Issues

A door closer keeps a door closed without slamming shut and making too much noise. Sometimes you may experience a problem with the way your door is closing and this can be annoying. The type of tools used to adjust door closures have been around for a long time. At Lawrenceville Garage Door in Lawrenceville, GA we use many of the same parts and tools that were used years ago. We use some of the same types of hinges, springs and weights. 

They may come in difference shapes, configurations and sizes. There are also different ways we might install your door closure, in the header over the door, surface mounted on the front of the door or mounted under the floor. The way we handle your installation has its advantages and disadvantages. Our professional technicians will be able to consult with you in detail about the various ways we can install your closure. It might also interest you to find out that some architects will install concealed door closers for appearance purposes.

Door Closure Issues

In our experience, there are usually three common issues related to door closure problems. These include regulations, stack pressure and door distortion. When there is stack pressure it affects the way the air inside a hermetically sealed property moves. This pressure will usually develop as air moves is circulated through your buildings HVAC system. This pressure can develop as someone is entering the building. It is the stack pressure that prevents the door from closing. When the HVAC system is not turned on, you generally will not experience this problem.

Depending on the area, you may have different ordinances, codes and regulations. This will create different types of problems with your door closures. This isn’t always the easiest problem to fix. If you want to avoid an expensive repair job, look into the unique door closures that manufacturers are now developing. One of these types of door closures is the cam closure. You will feel the affect of the cam closer wen you are starting to close the door. In most circumstances, the surface mount door closure feels the most pressure when the door is being opened, not closed. When a cam door closer is in the place, the person has more control; this causes the door to latch more effectively. This in turn, keeps the door shut.

A door can become distorted for different reasons, making it difficult to keep the door shut. It usually occurs when a hollow exterior door, which is often situated on the side of a building, has the sun hitting it. Once the sun begins hitting the door, it heats it up. This is what causes the door to become distorted and out of shape. This undoubtedly begins to cause problems with your door shutting.

How to Choose the Right Door Closer

You might think that the most important thing to consider when buying a door closer that the most important thing is the closer, it is not. Regardless of the type of closer you have installed, it will not work correctly if your hinges or door is not lubricated. Once properly lubricated and the hinges are tightened, the door should close properly; latching and remaining closed.

Door Closer Types

The type of door closers that we install most often is the surface-mounted closers, floor and concealed closers. The surface mounted closure comes with an adjustable size surface mounted closer; it also has spring force that we can adjust as needed. This means that there is no need to have difference sizes of closers. Depending on the manufacturer, you will be able to select from different adjustable closers. It is the surface mounted door closer that has the ability to be installed on both sides of a swing door that opens out or in.

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