Monday, April 18, 2016

Ryobi's Modular Garage Door Opener Has Just About Everything Your Shop Needs

Your garage door opener is probably the least-exciting piece of machinery in your garage—it's a completely pedestrian device that you really only think about if it's malfunctioning. But this Ryobi unit brings the humble door-mover up to the 21st century, with a bunch of novel, modular features.

The main part of this machine features a 2hp motor and a belt drive that Ryobi claims is 20 percent quieter than your typical jackshaft drive. It's also got a motion-detecting LED light. So far, pretty standard garage door opener equipment.

But the nifty part is the modular stuff you can add on. An extension cord reel with a 30-foot cord gives you power where you need it without cluttering up your floor or shelves; a Bluetooth speaker provides the tunes; a snap-on fan offers some air circulation in your car cave. 

And on the front of the opener is a charging slot that accepts a Ryobi 1+ power tool battery. In the event of a power outage, the battery powers the door opener through a claimed 100 openings or closings—though having your spare battery hanging nine or 10 feet in the air probably isn't the most convenient location when you're halfway through a DIY job. Consider it a last-resort backup, I guess.

There's also a laser parking aid, which projects a dot down through your windshield and onto your dashboard to let you know when you're approaching the wall, and a smartphone app that lets you open, close, lock, or check on your garage door from anywhere in the world. 

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